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Our Products

African Milling is committed to addressing the rising demands of maize meal by providing an affordable and reliable local brand. Our products are made from quality maize milled at African Milling and we aim to deliver enough maize meal to cater for the needs of the province.

In Katanga province maize meal makes up the staple diet and is locally called “Bunga”. This cornmeal product is a staple food in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is made from ground maize (corn) flour and is a relatively coarse flour that is much coarser than cornflour or cornstarch.

Maize meal from our mills is food prepared from fully mature, sound, degermed kernels of maize. This meal is cleaned from impurities, mould, seeds of weeds and other cereals by a grinding process in which the grain is comminuted to a suitable degree of fineness and from which bran and germ are removed. Maize meal is packaged and sealed in clean, sturdy sacks.

Our locally available breakfast blend is a very fine, premium product that is rich in carbohydrates and fibre. This blend offers premium and consistent value for money to its consumers. The breakfast brand of maize meal could potentially be available in every home at every dining table. The breakfast brand will be the signature of local diet and cuisine.

Three types of maize meal are sold and generally classed in this part of the world and these types are known as super, special sifted and sifted meal.

Super maize meal:

Super maize meal is a premium (Grade A) maize four product. The maize is de-germinated before milling and would be classified as the best grade of meal in terms of low fat content and low fibre content. Super maize meal is essentially a pure as possible starch with long shelf life. When cooked, Super maize meal becomes deliciously soft with a creamy taste.

Sifted meal:

Sifted meal would contain more bran and germ meal. While it is by far the healthiest maize meal it also has the shortest shelf life, is very coarse and is not generally preferred.

Special sifted meal:

Special sifted is non-de-germinated meal, slightly coarser than Super maize meal but finer than Sifted meal. This product contains coarser particles and high fat content and has a shorter shelf life.
We ensure that there is a minimum wastage in the process we use and by utilising the whole product there a minimal loss of 3% of maize grain product.